YMW Taps USA sells and services the Yamawa Intl. line of high performance and general purpose taps to the USA North American markets. YMW sales, inventory and service operations are based in Santa Ana, CA.

The line of taps includes high performance cutting and roll form taps. The popular line of ZelX taps are designed for application specific purposes. ZelX SS are used in Stainless Steels, Alloy Steels and Carbon Steel tapping while ZelX NI are engineered for difficult Nickel Alloy tapping. The ZelX family of taps also include Ti for titanium, Mold for mold steels & high alloy steels, AL/ALS for Aluminum and Si-Aluminum tapping. The Z-Pro line of cutting taps are for multi purpose, low volume tapping applications and are available in steam oxide, nitride, bright, TiN and TiCN finishes.

Yamawa Int”l produces world class taps by untilizing 21st Century processes. Under ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications, Yamawa manufactured products with superior materials, custom engineered robotic thread grinders and 100% robotic gaging/inspection processes. Combining almost 100 years of tap manufacturing experience with the latest technologies results in better performance at a better value.