Providing Increased Productivity Through Wohlhaupter-multiboreTechnological Advancements

Wohlhaupter maintains it’s position as the leader in precision holemaking technology by continuing to introduce revolutionary newproducts such as DigiBore and by enhancing and expanding existing tooling and product lines.

Bore tough, reliable precision digital boring
Eliminates guesswork, increases accuracy
Increases productivity, reduces scrap and rework
Reduces costly set-up time, avoids presetting

Mini DIGI High Speed Precision Boring Tools

The MiniDigi heads incorporate the opto-electronic position adjusting technology that has been proven over and over again since it’s introduction more than 10 years ago in the revolutionary DigiBore head.

In the global marketplace, the MiniDigi head is the smallest precision boring tool with integrated digital display. It features:

  • 35,000 rpm maximum speed
  • 1.575″ body diambeter
  • Suited for smaller machine tools CAT 30 & HSK 40 oln up

The larger MiniDigi head with a body diameter of 1.969″=”. It handles larger diameter tools up to 1.339″ with a maximum running speec of 30,000 rpm.

An expansive set of boring tools have been designed and are available for the MiniDigi heads. They are extremely accurate.