Rocky Mountain Twist


True Quality. Trusted Performance.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing you need more than just a supplier.

You need a partner that is committed to meeting your specifications. You need experienced engineers who understand the challenges you face. And, you need the capabilities to meet them head on. It means knowing the industry and its rigorous demands.

Depend on Rocky Mountain Twist to provide consistent service and a partnership in manufacturing that meets and exceeds national aerospace standards.

Rocky Mountain Twist (RMT) is the premiere U.S. manufacturer of high-performance, superior quality cutting tools. In addition to offering over 2000 standard products and custom engineered high-speed steel cutting tools


Cutting-Edge Technology

cnc-drill-grinding-cellAt RMT, each of our proprietary CNC drill grinding cells transform solid high-speed steel blanks into finished drill bits without leaving the cell or reorientation. Using revolutionary rotary methodology, a drill blank is oriented once then moves through each manufacturing phase in a precise computer controlled operation. This process innovation ensures the highest degree of repeatable, consistent manufacturing in the industry.

RMT Peak Performance

RMT Peak Performance is our pledge to be more than just a supplier-providing unparalleled customer service and innovative, solution based technical support.  It’s a principle that fostering collaborative customer partnerships, delivering exceptional product quality and value is truly beneficial for all.

RMT the leading U.S. manufacturer of high-performance, precision industrial cutting tools.


Perfecting the Technology

Maintaining extreme tolerances and consistent quality doesn’t happen by chance. Utilizing innovative, advanced manufacturing technology is a universal rule at RMT. Proprietary state-of-the-art CNC drill grinding cells transform Cobalt and High-Speed Steel blanks into precision, high performance cutting tools. This revolutionary process ensures exact specifications and superior quality that surpasses National Aerospace Standards.