Posithread are the UK’s leading specialist threading insert manufacturer, established in 1986 to manufacture and grind carbide inserts specifically for the threading market. The range includes ISO laydown threading, on edge threading and thread-mills.

Our inserts are designed and manufactured on site by a staff of highly trained grinding technicians; utilizing state-of-the-art 5 axis profile grinders as well as creep feed technology. Our threading knowledge pooled together over a quarter of a century of production is now second to none, moving Posithread into new areas of the Global Market. Our manufacturing expertise and the support given by our Global Sales Team has become a winning combination for our world-wide customer base.

We are the “Specials Specialists” and are ready to take on the challenge of solving your threading application problems with optimal solutions.

With high quality products and on-time delivery for 2015 at 99.2% – Posithread are the reliable threading partner for your business.

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