Hosetract Hose Reels


It’s All in The Swivel
Hosetract Hose Reels are equipped with 1/2″ Flow Swivels. The competition hose reels uses 3/8″ swivels. The difference? 64.5% air loss, due to the swivel, depending on the hose size. That is a big difference and big reason why many engineers choose Hosetract Hose Reels.

Hosetract C Series Hose Rell is ideal for almost any application.
Hose Reels For 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ Hose I.D.
Offered in Low, Medium, and Hig Pressure to handle air, water, oil, and grease.

Stay on Tract with Hosetract Hose Reels
Hosetract Hose Reels should be employed when and where air, water, oil, or grease hose has to be stored, whether it be inside, outside or on mobile units. Hoses not stored are vulnerable to many abuses which can greatly reduce hose life, resulting in unnecessary replacement costs man hours.

Hosetract Hose Reels have over a decade of hose reel design time integrated into them. Simplistic hose reel design reduces field service time, if necessary. Of course, the Hosetract factory as well as it’s representatives are always available for assistance

All Hosetract Reels are assembled with self locking fasteners to avoid loosening in those applications where vibration is present. Each unit is manufactured from heavy gauge cold rolled metals, and permanently lubricated to assure many years of dependable service.

The drive spring is safety banded to facilitate changing in the field, if it becomes necessary, or the complete canister can be removed and replaced with another unit from the factory or distributor.