Global Tooling Solutions

Global Tooling Solutions is the home of Gator Lathe Chucks and Autogrip Power Chucks, two exceptional brands that provide the best value in machine tool accessories today. Gator manual lathe chucks range from 3” to 50” and include scroll and independent
Autogrip offers one of the broadest power chuck lines available, including wedge, lever, pull back and finger style hydraulic chucks along with a full offering of
pneumatic or air operated chucks with sizes ranging from 3” all the way up to 79”.
With the industry’s best engineering and technical sales force, matched with ware-houses in MA and WI, we are fully prepared to service all of your CNC and manual lathe chuck requirements.

Gator offers a large selection of manual lathe chucks and accessories for an unbeatable price.









Autogrip is a leading manufacturer of power chucks & accessories including high-speed power chucks, large thru-hole chucks and more.