Briney Tooling Systems



Get Superior Precision and 100% Longer Life Out of Your Tool Holders

Briney Tooling Systems is the leading supplier of CNC tool holders and shrink fit tooling systems in North America. Every tool holder we make is precision engineered with today’s high-speed spindles in mind. Our Tru VelocityTM tools can run up to 20,000 RPM without putting undue stress on a machine spindle and our Maximum VelocityTM tooling is balanced to 2.5 G or better at 30,000 RPM. This specification will meet or exceed the spindle balance specification for all machine tool builders.

This precision means you will get 100% longer tool life out of our shrink fit tool holders. It also means less down time for change outs, less spindle wear, optimum speeds and feed rates, and lower overall life cycle operating cost.

Briney Tooling Systems has been supplying quality tool holders in North America for over 25 years

Briney was the first licensed supplier of Shrinker Shrink-Fit tooling systems to North America. Our Thermax II Heat Shrink Unit opens the door to affordable shrink fit tooling technology.

Our holders are available in a full range of sizes for CAT style tooling, BT style, HSK and straight shank versions. Anything from end mill holders, collet chucks, shell mill holders and blank bar tooling. Collets and drill chucks are also available from stock.

If you can’t find the tool holder you need in our inventory,simply contact our engineering department or send in an inquiry form and we will assist you in developing the design to meet your needs.

Our purpose is to supply our customers with a quality product, on time, at a competitive price while maintaining a safe environment for our employees.