Aztech Locknut Company


Aztech prevailing torque locknuts resist rotation due to a self contained locking feature. As all-metal locknuts, they have few environmental limitations. Removal torque values tend to decline with each installation. The rate of decline varies with our different locknut products. To function properly, the locking feature must engage fully formed threads. A new design must allow for bolt threads of sufficient length so that starting threads remain beyond the nut’s locking element. As the locknut’s deformed threads are assembled with standard form threads, it is possible that one or both may be damaged. Damage can be minimized by selecting fasteners of compatible or similar strength grades.



All Metal Locknuts
  • Automation
  • Collar
  • Flange Center, Tech™ and Top
  • Flange Cone
  • Finished Hex: Center Tech™ and Top
  • Jam Hex Locknuts: Center, and Top
  • Machine Screw: Top Lock
  • Acorn Center
  • Flex-Type
Nylon Insert Locknuts
  • NE, NE8 (Grade 8 1610 Series)
  • NTE, NTE8 (Grade 8 N1610 Series)
  • NU
  • NTU
  • Flange, Stainless NM and NE
  • Metric DIN982, DIN 985
  • Serrated Hex Flange Locknuts
  • Double Serrated Hex Locknuts
  • Hex K-Loc Locknuts
  • Finished Hex and Jam Nuts
  • Hex Flange Nuts